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London’s Premier Dental Practice – Now Open Saturdays

A warm welcome from the team at 38 Devonshire Street, a premier London private dental practice established for over 40 years. We treat patients of all ages offering general dentistry of the highest quality, supported by our on-site team of specialist dentists providing state-of-the-art treatment ranging from orthodontics to implants.

We take pride in our friendly, caring approach guided by our philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry and prevention. Our aim is to fully manage any dental problems our patients may have, to maintain beautiful teeth for life;

  • General dentistry including check-ups, fillings and crowns
  • Specialists in orthodontics, cosmetic treatment, treatment of gum disease, root canal treatment and reconstruction of damaged teeth
  • State-of-the-art treatment and technology including ‘invisible’ brace systems, titanium implants and tooth whitening
  • Dedicated team of hygienists
  • Adults and children welcome

Please call 020 7935 5354 to book a consultation with one of our dentists.

Latest News and Events

Half Marathon

Royal Parks Half Marathon in aid of Cancer Research UK

On October 12th 2014, I will be running The Royal Parks Half Marathon – this will be my second half marathon – the first I ran in the pouring rain 7 years ago. The time has come to get in proper training again, this time in aid of Cancer Research UK. This has been a year where many of... Read more

Dental Hygiene Check Up

Top Tips For Your Teeth – Dental Erosion

In our latest top tips for teeth our Hygienist Louise Clark looks talked about dental erosion, what can cause it and how best to prevent it. What is Dental Erosion? Dental erosion is the softening of the tooth surface. Overtime, the softened enamel can be subject to wear, resulting in thinning of the enamel which in turn can lead... Read more