COVID-19 UPDATE In support of the UK’s fight against COVID-19, we are sadly having to close our doors to all but emergencies... FURTHER INFORMATION


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    Important Covid-19 Update

    - by Rachel Barrow

    Following the Prime Minister’s announcement and ongoing directives from the Chief Dental Officer we remain at your service BUT are sadly having to close our doors to all but emergencies (pain, infection or trauma) for the next three weeks or until the government and our professional bodies advise otherwise. In the coming months, life will return to normality, albeit a new one and as soon as we are able, we look forward to welcoming you once again to 38 Devonshire Street.…

  • Oral Hygiene

    Preventive dentistry – less is more, from birth to retirement and beyond

    - by developer

    At 38 Devonshire Street, our philosophy is one of prevention. Dental and oral disease – both their manifestation and the effect they will have on quality of life – can mostly be avoided. It forms the backdrop of everything we do at our practice. In our new blog, to build a picture of what it means, we wanted to start with an introduction to prevention and preventive dentistry. The lifelong dental bank account  At 38 Devonshire Street, we like to think of the teeth as they develop as being…