Dental Hypnotherapy with Sharon Waxkirsh – The Drug-Free Alternative For Anxious Patients

Dental Hypnotherapy with Sharon Waxkirsh – The Drug-Free Alternative For Anxious Patients
18th July 2013 developer

Dental ExaminationLast week I worked with a very anxious patient for over 2 hours whilst she was hypnotised by 38 Devonshire Street’s Hypnotherapist, Sharon Waxkirsh.

During the appointment the patient was relaxed to the degree that even local anaesthetic was not necessary to do what was quite invasive and potentially very uncomfortable treatment. Throughout the entire procedure, Sharon’s patient management was warm, caring, almost loving and most of all relaxing. This left myself and my nurse Ruby to do what was what was necessary with no time pressure and safe in the knowledge that there was nothing potentially harmful happening to the patient. By not using traditional anesthetics or sedation the patient could be communicated with and was conscious… was extraordinary to experience and left us all with a great sense of well-being. The treatment flowed, it felt natural, it was like care of the patient in it’s most extreme form and therefore sat entirely comfortably with our ethos and values at 38 Devonshire Street. It was one of the most kind, humane sessions of dentistry I have ever experienced.

I personally have always disliked the idea of drugging a patient in order to be able to carry out their treatment, not least because it is impossible to interact with them during that process and they have no memory of anything you may have said. It feels like a cold way of getting a necessary job done where the risk to the general wellbeing of the patient although small, is not insignificant particularly in the young or medically compromised. The frequency of appointments possible is limited. If, heaven forbid, they find themselves with an urgent dental emergency, the situation can be very frightening for them. Contrast this with the skilled services of an experienced Hypnotherapist present at the appointment and patient and dentist can relax into the treatment.

If you would like more information about using hypnotherapy as an alternative to sedation and/or anesthetis please call to speak to a member of staff on 020 7935 5354. The practice is open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays 08.30-18.00; Tuesdays and Wednesdays 08.30-20.00; Saturdays 10.00-16.30.



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