Royal Parks Half Marathon in aid of Cancer Research UK

Royal Parks Half Marathon in aid of Cancer Research UK
17th June 2014 developer

Half MarathonOn October 12th 2014, I will be running The Royal Parks Half Marathon – this will be my second half marathon – the first I ran in the pouring rain 7 years ago. The time has come to get in proper training again, this time in aid of Cancer Research UK.

This has been a year where many of my patients, close friends and family have been diagnosed with cancer and the sad part of it is that I really do believe that this ought to be a curable disease in the 21st Century. I think back on the early part of the 20th Century where people died needlessly of what are now completely curable infections before the era of antibiotics.

I intend, with your help, to raise a substantial amount of money for Cancer Research UK with the aim of consigning all forms of cancer to the history books once and for all and saving future generations from this life wrecking disease.

Please donate as generously as you can on my Online Donation Page.

I really do appreciate your support and generosity which will spur me on in my training. My aim will be to run the race in circa 2 hours.

Many thanks

Gaynor Langley


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