Gaynor’s Half Marathon Success

Gaynor’s Half Marathon Success
21st October 2014 developer

A big thank you to all who donated to Cancer Research UK in support of my successful  Royal Parks half marathon run on 12th October 2014.

Your sponsorship was greatly appreciated and gave me great encouragement throughout my training especially on some of the grimmer, wettter mornings where an extra hour in bed may otherwise have felt more appealing.  I am pleased to say I am no longer a “fair weather runner”.  I completed the race in 2 hours 11 minutes through the stunning course which took in Hyde Park and the area immediately surrounding.  The weather this time was kind.  The morning was crisp and autumnal as a sea of bodies began the race on the south side of Hyde Park.

Apart from the general feeling of being uplifted by a beautiful run around the most stunning parts of Central London and the crowd energy that being one of 16,000 brings there were a couple of things which made me smile:  The first was a sign discouraging the male participants from relieving themselves on the gates of the Barracks – heaven forbid!  and the second was as the exhausted heaved their tired legs across the finish line (having attempted a sprint finish – I thought I did but my kids assure me I was running very slowly), the helpful volunteers were handing out bananas and the ground suddenly became thick with slippery banana skins to be avoided as though suddenly negotiating some kind of joke assault course.

With slightly achy legs I appeared at 38 on Monday morning feeling still rather exhilarated and having raised £2400 in online and cash donations from my very generous patients, friends and family in aid of Cancer Research UK.  My Virgin giving page will remain open for a further month, please click here, just in case anyone was thinking about donating and feel they have missed out.

Thank you once again.



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