Mouthwash – It’s Place In Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Mouthwash – It’s Place In Your Oral Hygiene Routine
6th May 2015 developer

WhiteningLove them or hate them, mouthwashes have a place in the oral hygiene regime, but they may not be doing all you think.

There really is no substitute to brushing and flossing well every day. If you are achieving that high level of cleanliness then mouthwashes really are only of limited use to you.

There are, however, people who are prone to developing tooth decay. There may be legitimate health reasons for this, and so for these people a mouth rinse containing fluoride can be of benefit in reducing tooth decay, and helping strengthen the enamel. Children are another group that often benefit from the fluoride rinse (especially those with braces). Poor brushing skills and a sweet tooth are just the right environment for the bacteria to proliferate. So a good high fluoride rinse at a different time to brushing is a good idea.

Those suffering from moderate to severe gum problems are the other group who can benefit from a mouth rinse. The antibacterial mouthwashes are good for gum disease sufferers to help them over a “flare-up”. Such rinses are often used too regularly by sufferers and the effects lessen over time. Most hygienists would suggest using such rinses for short periods – such as a few days or a week to help with the bacterial overload. Then stop using them again, until the next time.

Patients who have not been told they are in either of these categories should approach mouthwash with care. Why do you reach for the bottle of blue liquid? If the answer is because you think it helps with general cleaning then think again. Reach for the floss instead. There really is no substitute for mechanical cleaning. If you just like that fresh zingy feeling then fine – a final word of warning: whatever the reason for you using a mouthwash always use an alcohol free version. It is much kinder to the lining of your mouth.

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