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Oral Hygiene

How often should you see a hygienist?

The answer to that question varies according to you – your level of oral hygiene, your genetic predisposition to decay or gum disease and any other habits you may have.

As a general rule, the interval that is shown by studies to be optimal is:

  • 6 Monthly –  if you have perfect, un-restored, un-crowded dentition with no susceptibility to gum disease
  • 4 Monthly –  if your mouth has fillings or crowns or a history of any dental disease
  • 2-3 Monthly – if you show high susceptibility due to dental disease. This could be due to; your dental history, genetics, dry mouth, pregnancy, active orthodontics, or where teeth have been lost and replaced with implants or there are crowns, bridges or dentures present

How often should your child see the hygienist?

Children show greater susceptibility to both dental decay and inflamed gums and are forming habits which will remain with them for a lifetime. The correct interval for them is therefore between 4-6 months, or 3 monthly if they are wearing a brace.

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