Prevention and Protection – Your Childs ‘Back-To-School’ Dental Action Plan

Prevention and Protection – Your Childs ‘Back-To-School’ Dental Action Plan
31st July 2013 developer

School RugbyThe sun is shining, the schools are out for summer and yes the last thing we want to be thinking about is going back to school. However, now is the best time to start to think about your child’s ‘Back-To-School’ Dental Action Plan.

Our action plan comprises three parts; the routine dental check up, a hygiene treatment and a bespoke sports mouth guard made specifically for your child.

The Routine Dental Check Up

As part of 38 Devonshire Street’s philosophy of preventative dentistry to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth for life, regular dental check ups are extremely important. Examinations at regular intervals allow our dentists to carry out thorough health checks, not only of the teeth but of the gums and mouth area as well. They enable us to spot the tell-tale signs early of any problems that and allow us carry out preventative treatments in good time.

Regular Hygiene Treatments

As well as routine dental check ups we recommend regular visits to our Hygienists. Your children will leave with their mouths and teeth feeling beautifully clean and fresh before going back to school. Not only this, but our Hygienists will advise and show your children how to maintain excellent oral hygiene and turn it from a chore into a habit by showing them the best way to clean and floss their teeth.

Bespoke Sports Mouth Guards

With the return to school there is also the return to physical education. Mouth Guards are the perfect preventative measure for all sports activities especially contact, stick or ball sports such as hockey or rugby. The Mouth Guards we provide at 38 Devonshire Street are all bespoke and made to fit perfectly around your child’s teeth and gums. They also come in a wide range of colours, as well so whatever colour is ‘in vogue’ at the moment we will be able to provide. However the most important feature is the protection they will provide to your child’s teeth.

Make your appointments now…

To make the most of our ‘Back-to-School Dental’ Action Plan your children will require at least two visits to 38 Devonshire Street, the first for the Check Up with the impression for the mouth guard at the same time followed by the Hygiene appointment. Then the second appointment for collection and fitting the mouth guards.

Call us on 020 7935 5354 for more information about the Back To School Dental Action Plan or to schedule your child’s appointments.



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