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Preventive dentistry – less is more, from birth to retirement and beyond

Preventive dentistry – less is more, from birth to retirement and beyond
25th February 2020 developer

At 38 Devonshire Street, our philosophy is one of prevention. Dental and oral disease – both their manifestation and the effect they will have on quality of life – can mostly be avoided. It forms the backdrop of everything we do at our practice.

In our new blog, to build a picture of what it means, we wanted to start with an introduction to prevention and preventive dentistry.

The lifelong dental bank account 

At 38 Devonshire Street, we like to think of the teeth as they develop as being like a deposit in a lifelong bank account. The unique thing about teeth is that, unlike hair or nails, they have no ability to repair themselves or regrow, so any damage is permanent. Dental treatment aims to replace missing structure as best it can, but it is always second best to the original tooth structure.

Throughout your life, you will make withdrawals from the dental bank account as you use, or abuse, your teeth. There is no ability to make a deposit, other than to slow down the rate of withdrawal with active prevention, or dental treatment.

Current generations are living longer and want their teeth intact and looking attractive for the whole of their life. The days of a denture being acceptable in middle age are long gone. Elderly people do not wish to accept loss of function or aesthetic; they expect a full and active, high quality of life well into their senior decades. Teeth are a huge part of this.

A true collaboration 

At 38 Devonshire Street, we manage all aspects of preventive treatment, including education and motivation. Prevention is not just about what we do, but what you do at home on a daily basis, as well.

Every time you brush and floss, you slow the rate of deterioration. Every time you see the hygienist and leave feeling motivated and understanding what clean teeth feel like, you slow the rate. Every time you choose healthy food over sugary snacks, you slow it down. If the treatment you have received has the prospect of lasting many years without frequent intervention and you have learned how to keep it beautifully maintained, the rate of decline slows.

Preventive dentistry, in essence

Preventive dentistry, of the kind we deliver at our practice, ensures that your mouth is managed in such a way that you enjoy a background of health and comfort, with emerging problems or risks spotted early, so that they can be treated while small and at your convenience. These maintenance or preventive interventions can be planned to fit around your busy life, rather than getting in the way of commitments, plans and pleasures. Preventive dentistry is at its very best when your dentist/hygienist knows your mouth; its history, the rate of deterioration and your personal susceptibility to problems. This allows them to offer tailored care that is adapted to suit you. This is what we aspire to as part of the high-quality preventive service that we offer.

Preventive dentistry encompasses the prevention of disease, wear, trauma, accidental damage, pain and the effects of neglect. Additionally, it includes the pre-emptive avoidance of developmental dental complications, using interceptive orthodontics to ensure the best, most attractive outcomes. Preventive dentistry will allow you to avoid lengthy treatment and the social embarrassment of unsightly teeth, or poor oral health.

Minimal invasion

Prevention adds up to the minimal invasion of tooth structure, time, life, health, wealth, work, beauty, energy and emotion. We aim to limit the legacy of ongoing and expensive, complex replacements. Our maintenance and preventive treatments are done in such a way that they endure.

At 38 Devonshire Street, we want to inspire you towards better dental and general health for life. Dental health that you can enjoy and feel confident about, every day.

We hope you’ll join us again next month, to look specifically at some of the elements of prevention.

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