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We welcome new patients to the Practice. Please telephone on 020 7935 5354 to book an appointment with one of our dentists.

Emergency appointments available same day

When you call us to book your appointment you will be asked for a few basic contact details and a brief summary of any concerns you may have with regard to your teeth. If you have a dental problem in need of urgent attention, please highlight this when making your appointment along with any relevant medical conditions which may affect your treatment.

Most of our new patients are recommended by existing patients or other colleagues, or find us through our website – Please let us know how you heard about 38 Devonshire Street when you speak to a member of the team as it is useful for us to know how you found out about us.

Reception is open:

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays: 08.30 – 17.30

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 08.30 – 20.00

A small deposit for your first appointment appointment is required in advance. Thereafter, payment is accepted on the day of your appointment.


  • Merrilyn van der Woude | March 2020
    During the course of 2019 I had an upper left molar removed and replaced with an implant.  The procedure was carried out by Dr. Kostas Papadopoulos and his team at 38 Devonshire Street who I could not recommend more highly.  Every part of the process, which also involved a bone graft, was explained carefully to me and I was able to see the result of each intervention on screen.  At no time was I in any discomfort and I am more than delighted with the result.  The professionalism, skill and care of Dr. Papadopoulos were very impressive.
  • Ms Ruth Carnall | February 2020
    I had great treatment from Kostas. He is very professional and takes time to explain precisely what the treatment involves the benefits and the risks. I had a gap since I was a child covered by a bridge. My new tooth feels very much my own. I had no pain during treatment and very minimal discomfort afterwards and would recommend your service to anyone.
  • Mr Michele Piazzolla | February 2020
    When in 2016 I moved to London, I asked to my dentist in Milano if he knew a really good dentist in London. He gave me a contact that was working at 38 Devonshire Street, but unfortunately for personal reason he moved to a different Country. One day in 2018 I had a really a serious emergency I contacted 38 Devonshire Street because I trusted my Italian dentist suggestion: even if it was my first time as a client 38 Devonshire Street was able to schedule an appointment in few hours with Dr Kostas Papadopoulos. I trusted him immediately. We scheduled in a very professional way the different steps to install the implement. Also the assistant were excellent. Every time that I had any doubts I was able to contact Mr. Kostas. I was very happy of the treatment that I was receiving that I paid also in advance some works and my wife become also a client. Dentist care is very important in my life and in every life and I definitely recommend 38 Devonshire Street.  
  • Mr Ethan Sutaria | February 2020
    I have used this dental practice for many years. I honestly believe they are the absolute best in London. The skill, duty of care and kindness of every person I have ever dealt with here is beyond doubt. I never provide open references but would recommend them without hesitation.
  • Mr Gordon Bonnyman | January 2020
    I have been a dental implant patient of 38 Devonshire for many years, and have had  very extensive implant work done - I am, in truth, quite an extreme case. Over that period, I have been absolutely delighted with the treatment I have received at 38 Devonshire. It has always been prompt, thoughtful, meticulous, and painless. Perhaps the most telling compliment I can offer, is that over so many years I have almost never thought about my teeth.  Two years ago, a new practitioner, Kostas Pappadopoulos took me over, and things are even better. I highly recommend 38 Devonshire, and all of my immediate family are also now patients.
  • G D | January 2020
    Prior to becoming a patient at the Dental Practice in 38, Devonshire Street, London, my depleted number of teeth were in desperate need of a radical overhaul owing to abscesses.  Since agreeing to many implants involving several sessions, each lasting for at least one hour, the result has been well worth the time and cost that I submitted to jaw surgery, etc.  Throughout my course of treatment, I never felt nervous because at each stage the dental surgeon told me what to expect and only commenced when the local anaesthetic had numbed the exact site of operation.  Between sessions, I was able to look presentable in public while still managing to eat tasty food.  Great care was taken in ensuring my implanted teeth were set at the correct angle for biting and also for chewing food.  Afterwards the result was most excellent.  Care was given to see that replacement teeth were of a tint that matched those that did not need replacement.  Now I am over 84 years old, when I smile in the mirror my teeth look so young that they encourage my eyes to really twinkle!  Each time I enter this wonderful building, I feel safe knowing that I am welcomed, well treated and will be given the best advice for maintaining the high standard attained with respect to dental hygiene.  All the staff are courteous and I can certainly recommend this practice to all who need dentistry.
  • Mr Walter Houser | January 2020
    Dr Gaynor Langley 38 Devonshire Street London W1 Dr Langley has been my dental surgeon for many years. Her work is brilliant. For the first few years of her treating me she did all the work herself but has gradually extended the practice to the impressive level it now is. A couple of years ago I had to have an extraction. This was carried out by one of Gaynor’s newer colleagues Dr Kostas Papadopoulos. After the extraction I felt I needed an implant. Dr Kostas arranged for a scan and did all of the implant work himself and this has proved to be very successful. I am not a nervous patient but many people do find dental work rather stressful. May I just reassure everybody that from and including the first injection at the time of the extraction until implant was finished and the crown set in place I had no pain of any sort. No analgesics were taken by me. Dr Papadopoulos worked carefully and patiently to ensure my comfort and satisfaction. Dr Langley has built up what must be the best private dental clinic in London
  • Mr Mordechai Kahan | January 2020
    Most people have some fear or apprehension when it comes to visiting the dentist, even for a minor visit. When it comes to major treatment such as an implant that involves cutting into the gum, this fear is exacerbated. I am one of those people. I was very fortunate to end up in the hands of Dr Emiliano Zanaboni. From the moment I walked into his surgery, it was obvious that I was placing my teeth and general wellbeing in the hands of a kind, considerate, and compassionate professional. The longer I spent in his chair, the more relaxed I felt. The was solely due to the care, attention, and delicate touch of Dr Emiliano Zanaboni. Even post treatment, the aftercare was second to none.
  • Elizabeth | July 2019
    Charlotte is a highly-skilled dental hygienist and I strongly recommend her. She always goes the extra mile to give you the perfect clean. Terrific work!
  • M Minnick | March 2019
    I have been a patient at Devonshire Dental for over ten years. From major procedures to routine hygiene, they are the best practice in London. Dr Gaynor’s expertise, attention to detail and skill are exceptional. Five stars without hesitation. 
  • Gerry Hirst (FRICS) | November 2018
    At 38 Devonshire Street, London W1, Dr Gaynor Langley (with Nurse Ruby) heads the Dental Practice of which I have been a patient continuously for the last eighteen years.
    The brilliance of professional skills, personal care and dedication that Gaynor consistently demonstrates is unquestionable. This may well be an understatement, for this patient always counts his good fortune in having her look after his dental welfare. This review is given without reservation.
  • S Stephens I November 2018
    Fabulous Dentist and hygienist practice. Been using them for the last 20+ years and would never go anywhere else. Great confidence in their expertise including the complex issues they have helped various members of the family with. And additionally just a lovely happy bunch it’s always a joy to see.
  • Sameena Bogler | November 2018
    Gaynor and Charlotte have been looking after our family’s teeth for almost two years. Even after years of pretty superb dentistry when we lived in the US and certainly after a mixed experience in Hong Kong and Japan, we realise that finally we have found our dentist and our hygienist for life. In fact it was a friend from the US, with exacting expectations of dental care, who recommended Gaynor, saying that she was the best dentist she had ever had. And so it is. 
  • J M | August 2018
    My experience at 38 Devonshire Street was pleasant, relaxing and painless. The service provided was extremely professional, thorough and efficient, and I would highly recommend them
  • B G | January 2018
    I have been going to 38 Devonshire Street for 7 years addressing everything from dental hygiene, to orthodontic treatment and everything in between. It is a highly skilled practice for all dental needs, and it’s the closest to American dental care that I have found in London. The people are pretty great too!
  • Stephen M | February 2018
    Very professional. Without doubt the best dentist I have used. You have the feeling that if Gaynor wasn't a dentist she'd work for McKinsey. Calm, reassuring, pain-free competence, with intervention kept to a minimum. And she and her team - Ruby gets a special mention - are all lovely. 
  • Francesca M | February 2018
    I have been in Gaynor’s capable hands for over ten years. I am not an easy patient, having been through painful sessions in the past. She changed all of that. I had a lot of work done, with no pain and also with no anxiety because she is incredibly reassuring and professional.  She and her team taught me how to look after my teeth and I have never been in better health. The fact that I haven’t needed any work in years is a testament to her great skills and care.
  • VC | March 2018
    As an ex-dentist, I was very impressed with my experience at the 38 Devonshire. I had 4 appointments with Dr. Salles de Meuron and with Charlotte Manahan. I had in front of me true experts who knew the latest treatments and guidelines and were very comfortable with their technical skills too. The practice is very hygienic and also pleasant: it is quiet and you don’t feel cramped in the waiting or treatment rooms. The administrative team, whether on the phone or at the reception, is incredibly friendly and always looking to find the best way to accommodate your schedule. I’ve been to other private practices and have never been satisfied at all levels like I’ve been at 38 Devonshire. 
  • Dmitry Zhuk | December 2017
    Gaynor Langley and her team at 38 Devonshire Street are truly exceptional.  They put their client first and consistently act with utmost professionalism.  I have had an excellent experience during my numerous dental treatments and will certainly remain a customer of the practice.  Top marks for expertise, quality of treatment, timeliness, responsiveness; and last but not least - I find them very approachable and friendly.
  • L. Ownsworth | 20 February 2017
    Having had a few rather bad experiences with Dentists over the years it was a huge relief to finally find Gaynor and Ruby at 38 Devonshire St. All my old and nagging dental problems were sorted out quickly and efficiently , never have my teeth looked and felt so good !!
  • C. F. | 31 March 2017
    Gaynor has been treating me for over ten years now, after being recommended by a friend. As a result of a congenital problem and poor dentistry in the past I needed to have a programme of treatment that lasted several years. Gaynor took the time to help me make difficult decisions and talked me through each stage of the process. She has the highest standards but is also friendly, as is her lovely dental nurse, Ruby. The practice is also strong on preventative dentistry.
  • V.Tan | 5 April 2017
    Gaynor and her team have looked after my teeth for over twenty years and now take care of my family’s teeth too. The team are very professional but at the same time friendly, kind and caring. The advice and subsequent dental treatment I have received has been of great quality – in fact one of my more trickier crowns is still going strong after 20 years! The dental treatment is proactive and clearly well thought out. Any dental work which has been done has been necessary and Gaynor certainly does not undertake treatment for the sake of it. The fact that we still come to see Gaynor and her team even though we have moved to Kent speaks volumes about the quality of this practice. I would thoroughly recommend them – they are great.
  • Shannon de Boissard | 30 May 2017
    I have been a patient of Dr Gaynor Langley for roughly 20 years. I am a New Yorker who has lived in France and the United Kingdom over the past 26 years. I have always had the luxury of excellent medical and dental care throughout my life. I can say, without hesitation, that the dental care provided by Dr Gaynor Langley and the entire team of doctors, nurses, hygienists and office staff at the 38 Devonshire Street practice is unparalleled. I have always had very timely, thorough and overall excellent care. Dr Langley will work with her patients over time to deliver the best results that fits their requirements and wishes. I have been so pleased with the care, that I introduced my husband to the practice and have exclusively had my two teenage sons cared for by the practice for the entirety of their lives.
  • Christine Chang Hanway | 1 June 2017
    Our family have been seeing Dr. Gaynor Langley and her wonderful team at 38 Devonshire Street for almost twenty years. Their dental care is second to none and they offer the highest level of expertise, service and professionalism. My children have benefited enormously from the team’s emphasis on preventive care education. And finally, the team take extra care in providing a high level of personal service. Thank you 38 Devonshire Street!
  • Vickie Bown | 2 June 2017
    My husband has been praising the dental care he received at No 38 for years and years and constantly nagged me to abandon the mediocre care I was getting locally. In 2016 I finally visited Gaynor and now I get it! He was so right. It has been an intense few months of corrective treatments but worth every penny, and the train journey! I can’t praise the entire practice enough and Gaynor and Ruby in particular.
  • Richard Bown | 5 June 2017
    For over twenty years I have been seeing Gaynor , and of course Ruby, and the treatment has never been anything other than fantastic. Now I have added Charlotte as my hygienist and I feel very well looked after.
  • Antonia Leach | 5 June 2017
    Gaynor Langley and her carefully hand picked team at number 38 Devonshire Street have looked after my teeth and that of my family since she first took over the practice, and I can only report the most efficient, caring, and pain free visits to her immaculate and elegant surgery over the years. I come back with regularity to the practice for routine attention such as appointments with the excellent dental hygienists, and also for work that is occasionally and inevitably required on a well used set of teeth. Gaynor is the first dentist I have come across who takes the anxiety out of the equation, and makes a trip to the dentist something to anticipate without fear.
  • Jane Dwelly | 6 June 2017
    Dr Langley and team put the patient at the centre of all their care and treatment plans. They provide excellent routine dental care, and are able, when necessary, to build a multi-disciplinary team when a patient presents with a complicated case which calls for a bespoke and complex approach. Throughout a two year treatment I experienced clinical excellence, delivered with compassion.
  • W.J.Mitchell | 14 June 2017
    As a patient of that elegant building at 38 Devonshire Street since my 1970s childhood, I have the highest opinion of the services provided there. The team are highly organised and, despite a high volume of patients throughout all the departments, they are always able to arrange immediate care in the event of an emergency. All non-routine dental work is always carefully but professionally explained and 38 Devonshire Street excels in kindness and follow-up treatment.
  • Lorelei King | 26 June 2017
    It is hard to find just the right dentist, and I am so pleased to have found the practice at 38 Devonshire Street. I have complete confidence in my dentist, Gaynor Langley, who combines state-of-the-art techniques with a well-developed aesthetic sense. Gaynor is warm and approachable, and is surrounded by an equally friendly team. I always feel I am in very safe hands with Gaynor and her very experienced dental nurse, Ruby. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
  • Dmitry Zhuk | 29 September 2017
    Gaynor Langley and her team at 38 Devonshire Street are truly exceptional. They put their client first and consistently act with utmost professionalism. I have had an excellent experience during my numerous dental treatments and will certainly remain a customer of the practice. Top marks for expertise, quality of treatment, timeliness, responsiveness; and last but not least – I find them very approachable and friendly.


We do our best to see patients with problems as quickly as possible.

After normal working hours you may telephone the practice and leave a message. These messages will be picked up on the next working day.

If you have a problem which requires urgent attention then please contact Dr Gaynor Langley on her mobile: 07920 482 328 leaving a short message with your contact telephone number.

Your call will be returned as soon as possible. If it is necessary then a dentist from the practice will attend out of normal working hours. (An extra fee is charged for this service).


Patients unable to keep an appointment are asked to let us know as soon as possible.

Two working days notice is required in case of cancellation, otherwise the full fee will be charged.

Where we are able to re-allocate the appointment to another patient then a partial fee or no fee will be charged.

If you need to cancel your appointment please contact reception on 020 7935 5354 during office hours.

Our address: 38 Devonshire Street, London W1G 6QB

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